I have been an avid smoker now for over 40 years. In that time I have had one mild stroke and two heart attacks.. Would you believe it, the heart attacks occured on a Christmas day. I then packed up smoking, but other ailments seemed to occur. One was I had very rarely caught a cold, but as soon as I stopped smoking, I always seemed to have one, plus a few other ailments I had never suffered from. A problem !!! I was now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea you might say.

However salvation arrived in the form of an e-cigarette. Trepidly I bought one, procured some liquid to go with it and started vaping (nicxing). Since then I have never looked back. My clothes are now free of stale tobacco odour, the car inside always smells fresh and I am even allowed to use it indoors. My sense of smell is returning and the taste buds are back. I feel much fitter and feel healthier. One thing it has not done though is to make my hair grow again. Still bald, but you can never have it all.

So I started thinking, why not try to help others to kick the smoking habit, if not that a much better way to satisfy the nicotine intake. So my son and I started to look around for the best possible e-liquid and luckily enough we were accepted by Dekang. Then we had to find a source for top class accessories. This we have managed with Amigo, Aspire, Boge, Ego, Kangertech, Smok, and Vision.

Now the ball is rolling. What we need is a good unique name. We came up with Phoenicx (Phoenix) the legendary bird that threw itself on the fire and died, then a new young bird was born and raised itself from the ashes. You can now see where nicx(nicxin) comes from. Part of phoenicx and part of nicotine.

Next thing. Register the domain name and create a good attractive, easy to navigate on line catalogue. We found a good programme with which to do this, We hope you like it.

So there we are, the history and how our Phoenicx was born.

May we wish you long and happy hours of vaping (nicxing)




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