Save e-cigarettes

A Call to Action from Vapers For Vapers.

Please support the European Citizens' Initiative launched by 7 vapers from 7 states of the European Union, called EFVI : European Free Vaping Initiative.

What is a European Citizens' Initiative? Why EFVI initiative? How to participate?

With the Lisbon Treaty , the European Union (EU) has given its citizens the opportunity to ask the Commission to make legislative proposals. This request takes the form of a "European Citizens' Initiative" (ECI), i.e. a text which must be supported by at least one million European citizens.  A minimum number of signatories must be exceeded in 7 of the 28 countries of the EU. For the UK alone, this number is 54750.

EFVI asks that the free sale of electronic cigarettes across Europe should be maintained. Electronic cigarettes should not be classified as medicine nor as tobacco product. E-cigarettes have helped many people to quit smoking or significantly reduce their cigarette consumption.

The European Union has decided to move the electronic cigarettes of their initial status of general consumer goods and to regulate them inside of the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). This text has been under negotiation for years, and must go for approval in March within the European Parliament. This text, as it stands, will remove from the market all models of electronic cigarettes that satisfy smokers, known as 2nd and 3rd generation devices, while allowing 1st generation “Cig a Likes”. In addition, the text will allow countries ban them completely or to classify the electronic cigarette as a medicine in direct contradiction with the vote of the European Parliament of 8 October 2013, where medical regulation was voted against.

Like any European Directive, the TPD will impose national regulations, which can only be tougher and more restrictive than current regulations.

For all those you love who smoke, for all those you love who vape, state your support and add your name to the EFVI Initiative!

You can support EFVI on the website provided by the European Commission, The site commits to give guarantee about security and confidentiality especially when you indicate your ID
or passport number.

This is important, please take action now if you value your right to vape (nicx)!

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